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Good tools are the starting point for successfully transforming ideas into reality. True in the past, true today and will be even more so in the future. We all recall how proud we were when we held our first pocket knife in our hands; in cutting that first piece of wood we were sure that with our new skill our new tool and vision we could conquer the world.

  • Our products are an essential component in developing the versatile and fascinating renewable material whose natural qualities are yet to be fully utilized . . . wood.

  • Wood is the basic ingredient for the new composites that will open more new areas of application.

  • And we take much pleasure in knowing our tooling developments are the stimulation for both technical and economical successful processing methods.

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ProFix, a Leitz tooling solution, saves customer over $10,000 in costs per month on one machine line and subsequently eliminates costly machine downtimes! An inquiry from customer regarding a "less expensive insert provider" resulted in ... READ MORE >>


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The Leitz RipTec tool not only reduced the scrap rate by 90% but increased the overall product quality and throughput and reduced production costs at the same time, a win-win situation ... READ MORE >>