5. Cutting tools with shank

5.2 Jointing, rabbeting and bevelling

Tool body: Aluminium
Number of teeth: Z 2/V 2
RPM: n max. 18000 min-1

Power P depends on workpiece material and cutting depth ae.
Diagram for tool diameter D-80 mm, Z 2, workpiece thickness ap = 60 mm at n 12000 min-1 and vf 4 m/min-1

When ordering – only use the following cutter arbors
Dclamping lengthd
80 mm70 mm20 mm
125 mm80 mm30 mm

Copy shaping cutterset

For pre-cutting, jointing, copying and rabbeting. HW knives in turnblade design Z2, with shear angle in spiral arrangement for improved hogging and optimised chip removal. Staggerled cut to reduce the cutting forces. Spurs for machining tear-free rebates in soft and hardwood. Ideal for deep hogging depths. Roughing quality for subsequent profiling or jointing. Choice of HW cutting materials quality to suit the workpiece. Constant diameter tool.

SL 499-2 *
Class.Tool TypeABM
*CutterheadHW; 80x80,7/83x20; Z2/2122/22407193
*Cutterhead mounted on cutter arbor 122/22426047+
*Cutterhead mounted on cutter arbor 122/24426050+

Spare knives
ID Nr. 
Turnblade knife (VE 10 pcs.)14,7x8x1,52005070
Spur (VE 10 pcs.)14x14x2005099
Clamping wedge 009670
Key T25117504
Key T20117503
Setting gauge0,3/0,8005374
VE = packing unit

Tool with HW-turnblade knives for solid wood.

Order example:
Tool set ID No. 426047 mounted on cutter arbor ID No. 042987, HSK-F 63, A = 45 mm as per DIN 69893.

•  available ex stock
+ available at short notice