Custom Tooling Solutions

Survival in the rapidly changing world economy demands constant productivity improvement. While standard tooling options address the basic needs of the market, custom tooling solutions can oftentimes give Leitz customers the competitive advantage necessary to stay ahead of the pack. Our sales and engineering specialists have the experience, insight and resources to fine tune your production systems, and minimize your per unit production costs. Whether you are cutting wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals or other exotic materials, Leitz can provide tooling solutions which improve productivity and help shape your future.

Custom or customized standard options

  • Many standard tooling options can be customized to meet your specific machine requirements; these modifications can generally be done in a matter of hours or days at nominal expense.

  • Custom tools can range from those similar to standard Leitz products to unique concepts not yet realized or developed. Our experienced engineers can develop individualized solutions to optimize your production, and minimize production costs.

Examples of cost saving projects

  • Customer project A (Moulder Project) estimated annualized savings with Leitz ProfilCut tooling.

  • Customer project B (CNC Project) estimated annualized savings with Leitz Thermo-Grip tool holders.

Customer endorsements related to custom tooling projects.

Custom Tooling

Custom Tooling

Custom Tooling