1. Overview

1.6 Chips and dust

Laminate flooring: Typical chip build up in a machine.

Problem: Wear from the abrasive chips.

Every woodworking production process causes chips that have to be extracted. As a rule the same amount of energy is required to collect and extract the chips as it takes to produce them. Despite state of the art extraction systems, not all the chips are collected. It does not matter whether you are processing solid wood or panels – uncollected chips have a negative impact on added value. They reduce the product quality, they make additional tool cleaning necessary, they increase the machine downtime or and can cause machine breakdowns through wear. Leitz's answer to this problem is DFC® (Dust Flow Control) tooling.


The philosophy behind DFC® is to control the chips by using the kinetic energy in the chip flow to direct the chips away from the workpiece, away from the tool cutting edge and into the extraction system.

This improved method of chip collection has the following advantages:

  • Energy savings:
    The extraction airflow no longer has to capture the chips, only transport them into the extraction system. This reduces the required air volume flow and in winter saves on heating costs as the heated air is not being taken out of the factory.

  • Improved product quality:
    Transporting systems are not impaired in any way by adherent chips or glue spillage.

  • Higher productivity:
    Clean machines means continuous production without stoppages.
    Clean workpieces do not need additional cleaning before packaging.

  • Reduced servicing costs
    The abrasive chips are directed away from expensive machine elements releasing their energy against replaceable wear parts such as lead shoes, dust hoods or extraction pipes.

DFC®-tool and matched extraction hood. The largest part of chips is collected and wear is kept away of the machine.

DFC Segmental Hogger: Over 95 % of the chips are collected – e.g. edge trimming.

Active chip collection: The chips are collected using their kinetic energy only. Example without extraction hood.