2. Hogging

Leitz Shredder Hogger

Common problems with basic panel materials are slowing your production and was thought that overhanging veneer was a machining challenge for machine manufacturers to overcome. Until now, there were many ways to solve the problem; manual removal before machining, scrapers, rasping, etc....

This is a problem that commands a solution. Your machine time up and running is valuable to Leitz.

The end result is a problem that prevents you from machining your product efficiently and more important, it jeopardizes safety.

Loose strips of veneer jam the vacuum port shut. The material has to be manually removed periodically during the day shutting your machine down in the middle of a run.

It is also a safety hazard, causing dust collection fires and injury to operators manually pulling the material from the hood.

Our staff of research and development engineers were quick to identify the issues of overhanging veneer. The problem lead to a development of tool geometry specific to "shredding" the loose, unsupported material.

The exclusive Leitz "Shredder Hogger" was introduced. The special geometry of the shredder knives chop the material into small, manageable pieces that are easily extracted by the dust collection system.

Problem is solved! Machine condition after implementing Leitz "Shredder Hogger" after 3 full shifts.