Profilcut Savings

A solid wood window and door manufacturer looks at a solution to replace HS profile knives "unsafe" due to excessive profile depth. After consulting with Leitz application engineers, Leitz identifies two additional opportunities to significantly reduce costs -- tool room maintenance and product quality. They replace their original (Weinig) Powermat tooling with Leitz ProfilCut cuttersets , a unique dedicated insert system with profiled clamping wedges.

The safety issue was eliminated immediately, but as a result of the custom knife geometry and unique ProfilCut design chipping design, was reduced 30% on critical VG-Fir window components. In spite of tooling that initially "looked" expensive, the company realizes a yearly savings of over $25,000 from one profile - a two month payback! Since then ProfilCut has been expanded for other profiles and machines with similar success.

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