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Leitz Tooling Systems strives to support our customer "partners" by helping to continuously improve their efficiency, productivity and profitability. Leitz customers have access to the very latest tooling technology, optimized application solutions, and a full range of support services including:

  • Tool and application engineering – Leitz engineering and sales personnel perform a thorough review your intended production components, current machine capabilities, raw materials, quality specifications and output requirements; we then use this information to design a specific tooling package, and operating parameters, which will optimize your productivity and profitability.

  • Manufacturing consultation – Leitz sales and engineering personnel perform an on-site review of your current production department. A thorough inspection of each machine is performed; product quality, scrap loss, processing speed, tooling, dust evacuation and machine condition are all reviewed. The information is then compiled and suggestions are made which will increase productivity and profitability. The suggestions can range from simple changes in machine feed rates to completely new production alternatives.

  • Product design consultation – Our engineers review your desired production prints and offer insight as to areas of concern, slight changes which will improve process speed or finish quality. Our engineering and sales team will also recommend the most efficient means of manufacturing the product and suggest suitable tooling alternatives.

  • Machine tooling set up – Leitz engineering and sales personnel will assist the machine installation technician or your employees with the initial on-site machine tooling set-up. Our knowledgeable technicians will ensure the tooling is properly secured, and operating within ideal parameters. The Leitz technician will educate your operators on proper tooling maintenance and management, and ensure the tooling solution meets your expectations.

  • Tool reconditioning and repair – Leitz has a network of 180+ company owned service centers around the world, and 7 regional service centers in North America alone. Each service center provides complete tool reconditioning and repair services plus convenient pick-up and timely delivery of customer tooling. We continuously upgrade our service center equipment to ensure the most precise tool reconditioning and repair services possible. Our experienced tooling technicians are the best in the world and provide the best possible tooling value to our customers. Our experience allows us to properly service any "safe" tool regardless of original manufacturer. A partial list of tooling and repair services follows:


  • Saw blades (HSS, carbide, diamond)
  • Cutterheads (HSS, carbide, diamond)
  • Router tools (HSS, carbide, diamond)
  • Boring bits (HSS, carbide diamond)
  • Planer knives (HSS, carbide)
  • Corrugated profile knives (HSS, carbide)
  • Hogging heads (carbide, diamond)
  • Carbide inserts (straight, profiled)
  • Cup cutters (HSS, carbide)
  • Mortise chain

Tool Repair

  • Re-tipping carbide- or diamond-tipped tools (profiled or straight)
  • Tool balancing
  • Bore modifications (enlarging, bushing)
  • Adding drive or pin holes
  • Cleaning, sandblasting, coating of tool bodies
  • Flattening and tensioning of saw blades
  • Correction of runout or concentricity issues

Leitz Tooling Systems is your complete productivity partner.